WELCOME to the BOSTON AREA NANNY SUPPORT GROUP (BANSG) (This site updated April 20, 2014)

For the latest updates, sign up for the BANSG email announcements by emailing janstclair a t   a o l dt c o m!  (Honestly, I rarely update this website, and keep everyone current using the email newsletter.)


1)  NANNYPALOOZA is in Philadelphia, PA , Oct. 17-19, 2014!

If you’d like to go to NANNYPALOOZA 2014 and would like your employer to pay for all or part of it, Sue Downey has put together a great flyer to share with your employers. Even if it’s not in your current contract, you can still ask!
Note: the following links were for 2013, and may not be active yet:
*****NANNYPALOOZA is a conference for nannies, Oct. 17-19, 2014.  For more information, and to register, visit

Conference details:

Are you an auditory learner, curious about Nannypalooza?
Here is the link to the Nannypalooza Chat, led by Sue Downey and introducing 2013 innovations. It took a few minutes to load up on my computer so be patient!!

2) There is a national initiative for local nanny groups to hold open events for all nannies  4 times per year, beginning in 2014:

National Nanny Nights Out: Jan 24 – 26th, 2014
National Nanny Training Day: April 12, 2014
National Nanny / Kid Play Day: August 7, 2014
National Nanny Nights Out: November 7 – 9th, 2014

Watch this space, and (especially)  subscribe to the email newsletter, for updates on local nanny events!




As of 2011, BANSG organizes the occasional nanny event but is now primarily a clearinghouse of information for MA nannies and an informational and networking resource through the twice-monthly email newsletter.  Meet other nannies in your community for playdates or after-work get-togethers!  Find out about other local nanny groups and their activities!  Receive notice of free and low-cost local workshops for professional development, local nanny events, and national nanny conferences!  Find out about helpful online resources for nannies, many offered by career nannies!  Email j a n s t c l a i r at a o l dot c o m.

Begun by 2 nannies in 2000 with monthly social/educational events,  and after working with MAPN to create the Nannypalooza Boston 2010 conference, BANSG has now passed the torch to MAPN (Mass. Alliance of Professional Nannies ) and other local nanny groups for hosting regular nanny events in the Greater Boston area.   The BANSG email newsletter is a great way to keep updated on nanny events in MA.

******CHECK OUT OUR NANNY CONFERENCE PAGE for information about our final big event!   NANNYPALOOZA BOSTON was SEPT. 19, 2010!   What a great way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BANSG!



National Nanny Training Day-Boston

(an annual event starting 2012)

While professional development is required in other childcare settings, the informal nature of

nanny care often leads parents and caregivers to believe that ongoing training isn’t necessary for

nannies. However early childhood researchers such as Dr. Laura Berk, retired Professor at Illinois

State University Psychology Department, tell us a different story. Her research shows that child

care providers become skilled professionals when hands-on childcare experience is combined with

training and education.

Lora Brawley, owner of Nanny Biz Reviews, says, “Of course a great nanny must have a loving

heart and nurturing personality. But it’s just as important that she have a working knowledge of

how a child develops physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually and knows

developmentally appropriate ways to create a safe, engaging environment where kids can thrive.”

The Boston event will offer sessions on Creative and Interactive Play, Family-nanny Challenges,

Infant & Child CPR and First Aid, Infant Massage, Infant and Toddler Safety, Newborn

Specialties, Nurtured Heart Approach, Pediatric Nutrition, Portfolio Building and Professional

Development. This event is open to nannies throughout the community and will also offer

caregivers the opportunity to network, share resources and be appreciated for their

professionalism. These trainings will tackle some of the profession’s unique challenges and

celebrate its unique rewards.

Jennifer Garnache of Boston’s Best BabySitters says, “There is no other job as important as raising

a child, whether it is your own or someone else’s. General awareness and appreciation of the

critical impact an in-home, professional childcare provider has on the future of our children is not

where it should be. It is time to spread the movement of legitimizing and promoting the

professionalism of our industry, starting with professional development support and training. We

at Boston’s Best BabySitters are really excited to offer both our in-house nannies as well as other

nannies throughout the community the opportunity to participate in a full day of exciting, cutting

edge training sessions tailored to the private home environment.”

National Nanny Training Day is a national initiative sponsored by Nanny Biz Reviews, a site

offering free user reviews and up-to-date profiles of nanny-related businesses plus expert advice

and practical tips on a successful search, effective screening, important hiring issues, and a longterm

nanny/family relationship. For more information please visit



a Saturday usually falling sometime in April.   This year it falls on May 3, 2014

Visit the Volunteer Page (click on the tab above) for full information.

BANSG annual volunteer project, providing childcare in a 1-day well-organized “camp” for blind and visually-impaired children and their siblings at Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, while their parents attend a conference nearby on campus.   It’s a lot of fun, you can choose your favorite age range, and whether to work with one impaired child or 1-2 typical kids.  There are craft and cooking supplies, toys, lovely playgrounds, gym time, music and other organized activities.   Caregivers receive a certificate of appreciation for their portfolio.

For some of the parents, it’s their first time being with other parents of handicapped children and having a break from childcare.   Our service and our experience with children is very much needed and appreciated!



The Domestic Worker/Employer Mediation Project
Have you had a dispute with your employer about wages or hours, or just
had a hard time getting along? We may be able to help! Mediation is a
collaborative tool that helps parties in conflict reach mutually
satisfying solutions. Our mediators, domestic workers and employers of
domestic workers, are trained to help both sides reach their own fair
and lasting solution.
Mediation through our program is free! We provide the mediators, plus
free babysitting and translation services. We will travel anywhere in
Massachusetts, and our services are available in English, Spanish, and
To discuss your situation and determine if mediation is appropriate, or
to schedule a session, contact us at:
Domestic Worker/Employer Mediation Project
14 Harvard Ave, 2nd Floor
Allston, MA
Tel: 617-783-8001 x103
More information can also be found on our


NEW: New Weekly Gathering for Nannies
Welcome to the Nanny Breakfast Club! The goal is to have a consistent weekly gathering of nannies for breakfast!  We will be meeting around 10/10:30am in various breakfast joints around the city!
Places we will be hitting are:
S&S Restaurant, IHOP, Ball Sq Cafe, Full Moon, Rain Forest Cafe, The Roxy Diner, The Friendly Toast, Red Lentil, True Bistro, Veggie Galaxy, and more (please suggest your favs!!!)
It will be easier to follow through their Facebook group But if you are not on Facebook, please feel free to e-mail Thaty ( and she will be happy to send you the details!  Thaty is  one of the hosts of the National Domestic Radio (NDR) show and a career nanny in the Boston area since 2003.
Read short description, upcoming events, and sign up here:
If you have questions, feel free to also reach out to Kelsey Plimpton,
North Shore MA Nanny Group
“The Nanny Network”
Our main focus is the North Shore area of Massachusetts.  Our goal is also to provide our charges with opportunities to foster their social/emotional development and create lasting friendships.  Nannies and charges get together for social activities, educational field trips and sometimes break off into smaller play groups. We post on our group page kid-friendly activities, the best parks, indoor play spaces, local kid hot spots, and special events specific to the North Shore area.
The Nanny Network is also place for sharing and learning.  As Nannies we share perspective and experience.  We post about area resources and information on local professional development, educational trainings, and job openings in the North Shore Area.  Whether you’re a new Nanny or a seasoned Nanny, PT or FT,  Live In, Live Out finding Nannies to network with in your community can be a long and sometimes lonely path.  For this reason, it’s important to make connections with other Nannies in your area as well as to providing support for Nannies new to the field or who are looking to expand their knowledge. We seek to broaden public understanding and awareness of the unique and valuable role Nannies play in the lives of the families we work for. Together we can set a professional standard of excellence for local Nannies, while acting as support and resources for one another.  Every Nanny has something to offer, and every Nanny has something to learn.
To join “The Nanny Network” e-mail
Thanks, The Nanny Network
Still NEW! Free Monthly Boston Event for Nannies! Next Event:  Nannies’ Night Out, Feb 20th. This is the link to register:
Still NEW! S. Boston Meetup group for nannies:
****A Cambridge nanny started a big tent group to help connect nannies and parents of infants/toddlers for playgroups, park dates, walks, etc.   Join if interested!
If you’re a Nanny in the Worcester/Metrowest area, and would love to meet with other Nannies once or twice a month, this group’s for you!!!! We would be meeting in Upton, Mass., at the home of a longtime Nanny……just let us know what would be the best evening of the week for you, and we will try to find an evening that will be convenient for the majority. (There is no fee to join this group!)
Looking forward to meeting and supporting each other!
Respond to Jan L. at
The Massachusetts Alliance of Professional Nannies (MAPN) is a
non-profit organization that believes in strengthening the voice of the
nanny in the workplace and within the childcare field as a whole. MAPN
sponsors workshops, informational sessions, social connections, and
activities with the express intent of fostering leadership among
nannies and breaking the isolation imbedded within the nanny industry.
Membership to MAPN is free! Join at ;
MAPN  Membership Benefits:
-Game Night
-Book Club
-Weekly Nanny Restaurant Dinners (pay as you go)
-Professional Development Day Workshops
-Private Facebook Discussion Board–Please request access by emailing us at or at Facebook on our MAPN page.  This group is only for members of MAPN, and items posted there are confidential.
North of Boston/Southern NH Nanny Support Group
Nanny dinners and frequent playgroups
Meet Professionals who do what you do.
Dinners are once a month on the last Thursday of the month.
Contact Alyssa McGuire for more info  at
Judy Shapiro Flynn, of Original Nanny Service in Worcester, and Bridget
Glasheen, a career nanny, are forming a nanny support group with nanny
events for Western MA.  Email:
Wakefield MA nanny and moms group
Events arranged via yahoo groups calendar, but no longer on Facebook.
Nanny and Friends of Rhode Island & So. Massachusetts:
This group is to help connect local Nannies, parents and other
providers for play dates, clothing swaps, field trips,
information-sharing and general support.
Domestic Workers’ Online Radio
National Domestic Radio (online)
BY domestic workers FOR domestic workers! This internet radio show streams! Our rights, news, dilemmas, & fun. Workers and employers unite.
Be part of a growing movement. On our radio show we talk about domestic workers’ rights, work out dilemmas, hear from domestic workers like nannies, PCA’s, and housekeepers, talk with policy people, and have a great time doing it.
Our first show broadcast was live on July 28th, 2013 3PM Eastern Time on Listen live and you can call in. You can also find us through your smartphone using the mobile app TuneIn (iPhone and Android devices). Shows airs 8pm EST Second Monday of the month!  If you missed our shows, you can listen to the podcast, or directly at itunes to your ipod/mobile  Also find us on Facebook ;
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